JFT Counselling

JFT Addiction Counselling

JFT Counselling provides vital addiction counselling services in response to the growing problems in our community today. Drug addiction and mental health concerns are attracting growing media attention yet unfortunately, our community is ill-equipped to respond to the problem and provide the needed resources.

My name is Ken Jones, I have spent the last eight years working as a counsellor in treatment centers, non profit organizations and homeless shelters throughout British Columbia and the Okanagan Valley.  I am well versed in available resources and have developed relationships within the Mental Health and Addiction community to be able to assist my clients.  I hold designations in two professional Canadian counselling organizations and am competent in a variety of addictions treatments. My education, personal and professional experience have exposed me to such treatment responses as harm reduction, twelve step approaches, and spiritual /abstinence based methods. Our Addiction Counselling services recognizes that treatment can be highly costly and we will work with you to provide a more economical approach to intervention based on individual circumstances and situations.

JFT Counselling offers a variety of approaches to everyday problems such as stress and financial pressures, relationship challenges, conflict resolution, anxiety, and depression.  Please contact Ken for more information. Early morning/evening and weekend appointments are available upon request as well home visits dependent on individual needs and circumstances.