Addiction & Mental Health Counselling

Ken Jones - Addiction Counsellor
Ken Jones – Addiction Counsellor

My Story

My name is Ken Jones, I offer addiction & mental health counselling.

Early Years

I grew up in a two-parent home in a good neighbourhood. I played sports and graduated from high school in 1991.  I didn’t have to study or work hard at school and was often distracted with the social parts of life.  I was encouraged to honours yet was a chronic underachiever.  I struggled with substance abuse, dropping out of college in the first semester. This completely changed the direction of my life.

Family & Tragedy

I spent the following 12 years in the logging and construction industry, while struggling with addiction. I met my wife in the turn of the millennium and together we started a family and a business, and were married in 2005.  We had three children and built a happy life together.  2007/ 2008 was a time of major personal and family crisis, creating stress and mental health related struggles for us all. My wife passed away from mental health and addiction issues.

Rebuilding & Dedication

Following my wife’s passing, I closed my business, resulting in financial and emotional crisis. I ultimately was able to access various resources in Kelowna to help me rebuild a foundation of support and stability for my family and future. I went back to school and began working in homeless shelters and addiction-related facilities in the Okanagan Valley. After my schooling was complete, I started sub-contracting and teaching in several addiction and recovery centres. It was during these years that I became inspired and motivated to help others through professional counselling and to work alongside individuals and families struggling with this particular illness.

Addiction & Mental Health Counselling

My 8+ years of professional counselling experience, in hostels, treatment centres, homeless shelters, non-profit & private sector, has given me a broad perspective. I have seen clients cycle through community resources without finding solutions. Today, I have the empathy and experience with addiction & mental health counselling to help.

I am passionate about what I do and about being a part of what’s happening in our community. In addition to my private counselling practice, I continue to hold volunteer positions and casual positions in other community organizations and am continually seeking opportunities to further my education and training.

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Ken Jones