Addiction Counselling Services

Addiction Counselling Services

Addiction Counselling services provided to clients in either their own homes or in a central office in Kelowna.

Skype  Addiction Counselling Services

This service will be based on a 45min hour to accommodate business or working individuals who need to fit this in their day or work schedule. The cost of the service will be dependant on a variety of factors.

Phone Addiction Counselling Services

To be discussed as per appointment and time required.

Group Addiction Counselling Services

This service is done more on an individual basis for networking with other service providers. Cost is negotiable depending on the service provider.

Psycho-educational Seminars

This service will be developed to cater to certain focus populations; such as families struggling to help an addicted family member, managing workplace stress and conflict, or other addictions related services.

*Pre-screening for all individuals who wish to attend groups and psycho-educational seminars is required*

Group discounted rates will be applied.